Post Industrial Junkyard Blues ?
Bulldog Gravy's sound comes from suitcase, hatbox, artillery shells, sheet metal & old tractor parts.
Except for Philippe Sangara's vintage electric guitars, it's a totally acoustic band. High energy onstage, an unique, primitive, tribal sound, based in the tradition of country blues, but "post modern" too.

Bulldog Gravy

Nom : Greene
Prénom : Mike
Instrument :
songwriter, guitar
Particularités : plays acoustic guitar, and mandolin. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, he started playing on the streets of European cities in the 70's.
Nom : Sangara
Prénom : Philippe
Instrument : guitars, dobros
Particularités : He can play any blues lick that's been invented, but Philippe has his own unique, creative style and continually amazes audiences and musicians with his performances.
Nom: Lavail
Prénom : Jérôme
Instrument : drums, ...
Particularités :
Well, not exactly, if you look closely, this ex-heavy metal drummer, who masters the double foot pedal, is playing on a suitcase, hatbox, artillery shell, and various unusual objects to give the band it's primitive drive.
Nom : Khenfouf
Prénom : Farid
Instrument :
Particularités : Farid's groove and royal stage presence gives the band's rhythm section force and charisma.
Nom : Giancola
Prénom : David
Instrument :
Particularités :
Not content with playing like everybody else, David explores the limits of his instrument in the Blues realm. Someone to watch out for!.
Nom : Brazzi
Prénom : Jean Louis
Instrument :
junkyard percussions
Particularités : You have to see him to believe, yes he's making those sounds! Pumping iron, banging pipes, hitting old tractor parts, an essential part of Bulldog Gravy's tribal rhythm.
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