We know that this might be a wild night.  Bulldog Gravy does a downsouth shuffle, they do a delta two-step, they do a slow moan...they are ready to give all they got to bring the blues inside this house, tonight, right now. 
We have got rhythm & rhyme, and lots of time.  Who could ask for anything more? (Clay Caulkins)

The sound is deep and dark with shining moments of brightness. Greene provides the vocals and acoustic stringery. This disk reminds me alot of Hugh Poole and Mulebone or even Otis Taylor's early work. Dark swamps lurk, filled with hungry gators although upbeat Toby Walker style material provides enough light for comparison. Mike Greene shared the writing with Muddy, Sleepy John, Mr Dixon and Bobby D. (Long Island Blues Society)

Here is blues in brutal fury; authentic, rural, from the gut; forged in sober and rocky harmonies.... At the same time modern and traditional, Bulldog Gravy transcends the genre with new ideas.... An astonishing success..... An energy that won't let up, tons of imagination, an uncommon sound; rough and greasy! this music hits you right in the face! it's alive, jubilant and disrespectful of codes. each song has an overdose of pleasure and emotion. Bulldog Gravy swims in this happy sauce with a talent rarely achieved... Impossible to tame this bulldog, free and proud, biting the blues with all it's teeth! (Crossroads)

Blues of our time, jubilational, without nostalgia. an ironic blues not caring for codes and convenance: a Big Bad Blues !! Bulldog Gravy in concert is simply happiness personified! here, no ego problems. the only thing that counts is the MUSIC and an extraordinary joy of playing together. a concert of rare intensity... (Le Zig)

The CD of the trimester! A modern blues, but respecting tradition, subtly mixing acoustic and electric instrumentation, producing maximum effect and grabbing the listener.... (Soul Bag)

Bulldog Gravy is the best thing that's happened to blues in france..... in a long time !! A group with a big dose of feeling and personal aptitudes to master their instruments. A group to be accounted for. (Trois Riviéres Blues)

No doubt about it, discover this band as soon as you can!! it's a great surprise. Bulldog Gravy will make a lot of noise in the french blues scene, with their powerful and creative blues, they will be quickly known all over france and beyond!! (La Gazette de Greenwood)

Big Bad Blues, an excellent CD with an original, primitive sound. Bulldog Gravy gets it's inspiration from the roots of blues, swallows it, digests it, and spits it out with a sound of today !! this album is a breath of oxygen.... (Blues and Co)

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